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Natural Gas Line Testing

Does your home have natural gas lines? Is natural gas line testing something you home needs? Woods Plumbing Services can help. We test natural gas lines and repair natural gas lines.
Natural gas is very common in homes around the Louisiana area, including Metairie, Harahan and Riverridge. Since natural gas is more common, the risk of natural gas expose increases. We’ve seen recently several natural gas related explosions in the Louisiana area. In addition to local natural gas related explosions, there have been several across the nation in the recent months.

It is very important that you have your natural gas lines tested to make sure they are functioning properly. Natural gas line leaks can be incredibly dangerous for a few reasons. One a leak can cause carbon monoxide poisoning or worse an explosion. If you have a leak or odor in you home, you need a gas line repair.

When natural gas builds up in a confined area, it becomes very volatile. A gas build up has the potential to explode or make people in the area sick. Gas leaks can help be prevented by regular gas line inspections. If you think you smell a natural gas leak, do not try to locate the leak yourself. Do not turn on or off any electrical devices. Do not smoke or use any open flames. Leave the house and call a professional to inspect your natural gas lines for leaks.

If you think you have a natural gas leak or have not had your lines inspected in several years, give Woods Plumbing Services a call. We can test the pressure of your natural gas lines as well as test for any leaks. We also install new natural gas lines and help create a safe environment for them to function in.


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